Thursday, September 27, 2007

F .Chapter 3

There are dozens of the chemtrails whiting out the sky. Im not gonna waste blasting energy. But you must know the c clockwise movement is going on now. They are churning the harbor. --Wish you still could make the time. --Best I can do is walk across some bridges and see if I can gift water that way. They tried to make tornados last week. I planned to take some of the cruises to gift the harbor as they were not going to make it there and D. asked me to do it.

I went out to get a massage and next door was a new resteraunt so I went in and got a big glass of tea. Florida is really hot. I sat next to a group of homeland security. I remembered how you talked about them not liking you. I blasted them and they were grabbing their necks and twising around and scratching their backs. I get on them. I continued to blast and then another got on a cell phone so they left when he came back and what did I feel like doing? I got up and followed them blasting them all the way to the marked cars they were in and stood there blasting them for awhile as the pulled away. I thought after I did that. Wow. I am learning this war like you do it after all.


I had a hard time even accepting it as a war as I thought it was more like Indians reclaiming land. At that time I was believing in his ways. And he explained why he thought this was a war in the beginning post I put up called Wilma so go back and read this. I was trying to be at an unconditional love level and he kept taking me back to the fact it was a war. And I became more than the spiritual warrior I was. I became an etheric warrior. You must realize that the demons, aliens, bad guys work in the fourth dimension and we are getting closer to the the time when the veil will be so then all will see this dimension. Many will die even before because they know it is time for them to see and just can not bear the thought of it. They will let themselves be taken.

Here is my reply.
-----Original Message---- Sent: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 7:42 AMDiana,
Great job on those Homeland Security Abominations, by the way!They know most of our thoughts, what we tell others and where we are in agiven moment, Diana, but when our name appears in public in a standagainst them they feel threatened, so they intimidate us in an effort toget us to withdraw our names from the public record.They know better than most of us do that it's a numbers game. It really is like Arlo Guthrie says, in fact, and it only takes a few effectivce people, standing together publicly, to bring down tyranny.. It's always been that way and always will. The vast, vast majority of people are and will be Pajama People, content to go along with whatever happens, even content to sacrifice their own children to foreign managed wars.~Don

There you go I thought. He said a few people standing together publicly. And many times he told me how most people do this alone and should not feel they need someone else to blast or boost or gift with. I had a hard time with believing he really meant that I should continue to this alone but I did.

I had a odd car accident. I was going 30 through town, and out of no where this car had to be going 60 and swearved out of his way to most likely hit my driver door but I swearved in time and he just took off part of my front end and ran past me up on a side walk and broke down the light pole. He jumped out of the car blaming it on me. And I just told him he made it a point to try to get me. Another car of people came up and they got out and started taking pictures of me. I let D. know that and he said they were getting my imprint. My eyes imprint.

I still did not understand that working with this man was going to bring some really heavy hard life altering circumstances and that I would loose a man that I loved bringing me much sadness in years to come. I was doing well. I was learning the ropes and how to be an ethericwarrior. I shrugged off the accident. After one day to rest my back, I rented a car while my car was in the shop and I gifted 500 miles. I went 100 miles down and then turned off ever exit and drove each exit 25 miles up and back until I had driven 500 miles. Wherever there was construction going on I put orgonite in those areas heavy. Orgonite is a big part of florida now. D. decided what I did was that I learned pushing back.


Thanks D, pushing back seems to have been a good thing for me to learn. I have covered 200 miles down, across 25, up 200 and in between many ditches and streets. I gifted what ever was being built and had open dirt. The new college all around the waterworks.
I pretty much am just to bored to communicate with people. Because people are so boring.
I woke up from a dream just as I was being given a remedy. Bloodroot. there was more but I lost it. But I know it is important for us to take bloodroot in apropriate forms. No Overdosing. Check to see if anything your taking has it and if not I can make a tincture. I learned that in Naturopathy classes.
Dogs everywhere are real attracted to me now. Its like they know I know. People think it is strange that their dogs will go out of their way to come say hi to me. One lady said, dont get close to the dog as the dog was pulling her over just to say hi to me. She said this dog does not like strangers. Ha. The dog just wanted to smile at me and acknowledge me. A dog wouldnt get out of the car of a blind lady and when it saw me I talked it into coming out. There was a dog coming out of the vets just talking about its painful experience to me. And the owners were so surprised it had wanted to talk to a stranger. I was walking into post mart next to the vets when the dog came out. Another man was riding a bike with a dog and the dog led him to me and was standing up at my car talking to me and the man is like so sorry but I just tell him. Dogs like me. So Im changing to what, I dont know.

Aftr the helicopters I put my mountain out A huge piece of orgone I made in a pancake maker so I closed it up and tossed it in some everglades land close to me. They cant find it. Its got to be working though. I thought it was a good idea to make a mountain out of a orgonite for a flat place like this. They plan to pack people like sardines and cancer test tubes in these condos I lived in and the plans may be spoiled for this big new condo world coming into fruition. They are more than half done. People are flocking in now. My time here is almost finished. I did enjoy staying over here to workout daily and to keep working on the harpacaine project with Jeff, D and C. Little did I know we were going to be known by our works and punished for them.

I was ordering Dons book. The Life Etheric, Carol Croft from Amazon. He kept saying he sent me one but by now I knew he had forgotten to. I was having a hard time getting my computer to work. I heard the helicopter noise and looked out and they were just dancing around but not close to me so I got bored watching them and went back to sit on my bed with my computer. I had a King size bed. I had a big mirror at the foot of the bed. I was on the second floor so I had no blinds up. There was everglades like water outside after the yard ended. I liked the open to the sky to see the stars at night. Next thing I knew I looked in my mirror and saw the cockpit of a helicopter and saw the men in there. I jumped on the floor and stayed there until I knew they were gone. They were there for a long time and must have backed away from the building because they got louder and louder. I had just made my first batch of orgonite there. I was sure I was all alone as no one was above me or below me to smell it. I did tell Don in an email I made it. And the book I had ordered. Never came. Amazon did cash my check. When I tried to recover it they said I never ordered anything from them and did not have an account. I said why then did you cash the check that has the book number and amount. I went through 3 long phone calls and gave up. I had just donated 34 dollars to Amazon. I did not tell Don I was terrified at them but here is his response.

Diana, they knew you were terrified, which is why they didn't leave. Nexttime, Be terrified and go out on your balcony and shoot something at them--anything, even spitwads from a rubber band. Laugh, too.You're welcome to come over here to make orgonite but why not just do it on a picnic table in a park? That's what we do when we're on the road. I spread a big plastic tablecloth and get busy. Cops never bothered me. C. will be gone in a few days. If you want to tolk to our landlady about moving in here I can you her phone number. I don't know if we'll get the rest of the coast done but we sure do need to go nail that offshore HAARP tower that's generating that constantstorm north of Key West. We might do it from there, since it's the closest point (38 miles).
We destroyed the identical constant HAARP storm north of Grand Bahama Island yesterday by laying orgonite all through that area from the boat.It was a loooooong day, including several hours of Coast Guard/CIAmolestation on the return trip and a mini-incarceration when we got back;-)

When we go do these risky sorties (like the one farther north from you)it's quite a scramble and the feds are usually chasing us. We rest when we get home but thanks for offering!It's about time to go, Diana. We came here to get something done and we'vedone it. The funny part is that we didn't know what it was going to be until HAARPicane Wilma was at the door ;-)It's good for us to be gone when 'the worst' of the HAARPicane seasonarrives, so that our work can stand or fall on its own merits.~Don

I had invited them to rest up at my place. I had a new 2 bedroom condo and a great couch that made into a bed. This is the only place my company could find me to live in because it was feb and hard to find a place in florida in feb. The job was hard but the luzury of the condo was really nice. And I had opened my door to them. And I would have gotten to see Jeff. Now Jeff told me later on, after they left and we had time together that he had asked about me that day and they said they did not know where I was. He had mailed me and he knew where I was. It was just part of keeping us apart. At this time my computer had just came back on. It had been down a long time. And Jeffs computer went out. I did get one email to him. But he did not get it until August. I dont know how that happens that emails can be hid for a month from a person.

And there are still no more hurricanes since Wilma. 6 years ago. If you read the entire Wilma thread you will get to know the people who were active during that 2006 harpacaine year helping Don with the project. I know I spent a lot of money and so did Jeff. The dolphins are close to me. I think it is because I keep the adventure alive. I interact with the sylphs. I meet dolphins in reality like most of you reading this think reality is, and in lucid dreams, dreams and remote viewing. I even wake up for short moments during the time I am OBE with them. For some reason, I wake up for seconds. I hear fantastic adventures going on. Other warriors are with me and we are in deep activity. I cant wait for the day when I get to see the whole thing. I know it is because of my fear reaction that I have not been able to see me flying out there. I was like that child I am trying to become so I will have no fear, when I got to see how they showed me now put your hands in front of you and I was there with others. We were going somewhere.

I had to be put back to sleep because I saw something that frightened me while out of body. I am not able to do it now unless I am asleep and barely remember the times out now. I dont even try to. I open my eyes and that brings me back or I come back while asleep with eyes open and that is to frightning so I just dont try to go out anymore.

I read this about remote viewing. The government will remote view you. They will tell you good things but will be sending you bad energy and remote viewing you. To keep you in confusion is their game. And now I think I know that this was being used on me by government predators of the NWO. By using fascism and sending people bad energy.

I am understanding so much more reading these emails the second time around. You must understand one thing as you read these. I had been seriously psychically attacked from a scam that I believe is some sort of alien on another board a year before. A man said if your not afraid of what you are doing then you must be afraid. I answered his post with no fear is needed in doing positive work. He offered to send some of his work to all who answered and he had been on the board for awhile. Don knew of him and told me he was OK. So I sent him my address to get my gift.
What that did was let them know my co-ordinants because then I went through a series of psychic attacks. I never told the man who was in charge of that board or Don and I think I should have.

There were attackes in the etheric. They would rip me out of my body while I was aleep and Id wake OBE and hear them talk Id try to get back in my body. Its just like you know it happened but no one else does and you have no proof except for some scratch, bruise, bleeding or pain.

I was not protecting myself. That was the one thing no one told me to do. Don did send me a succor punch for protection. But no one taught me how to protect my etheric body. Don had Lilly check to see if I could blast. We did some etheric work together and she helped me remove cords. We talked for a few days on where I was gifting then that was it. She needs to get paid for her work and I didnt want to take up her time then.

There is someone in an orange car following me. Found them running out of here once when I pulled up. Wouldnt look at me. I got pretty sick though, after that. I smelled something different but it went away fast. Liver stuff again. My chembuster is gone and I had 2 bottles of it. Im using my own herb in oil mix now that I made. Also my batteries have been removed. This person showed up when I was gifting a park, and when I was gifting near the peace river. They dont look at me.
Blasting seems to get rid of them. But theres a couple of other cars that do look and follow but dont come near the condo. Black with tinted windows and extra antennas. I was losing things. Don had told me they do come in your place. No one told me to protect myself or my place. I was dummy free for all. Doing the work. And not keepting them out of my space.

My dolphin pendant is gone. I dont remember taking it off. My computer had a spyboot prgram and its nowhere on the computer now. And I had a little snake viist me.

Do you think this orange car person is one of the I am people mad because I didnt take the offer? Or a fed?
Also, I dont like the idea that they can still take things so how do you prevent that, or can you??
I have a lot of angels now. I think I am protected.

My last job didnt go through. Something happened. I hope my good name has not been interferred with.

Making the world a better place is not a crime in my mind.
I got the german streets covered now with Orgonite. The nuremberg and rampart. Maybe I pissed off someone.
My lease here is up august 22.
The sunset is changing directions over here on the west coast. Its more north than usual.
Not usual hi, how are you stuff. huh?

Diana, they'll do everything they can to make us fearful. I'll send you another pendant and ChemBuster but you have to project aggression, 24/7 if you expect these sewer rats to back off. I'm sure your angels would agree.Nothing you're telling me is anything that the rest of us don't contendwith, don't worry. A team of SWAT cops surrounded our home last week but we persuaded them to leave after a couple of hours. Georg and Axel justspent 9 days, naked, in a tiny, crowded cell in Zimbabwe, accused of beingterrorists. When they push, we push back harder by gifting more and goingafter the top murderers on a regular basis.This is just how it is in the big league and it will probably get moreintense. The only way through this is to genuinely not be afraid of thesewer rats and to be more aggressive than they are. Freedom and securitynever mixed and security is a fantasy, after all.C found your tuning fork (beside the Jeep back seat, by the door) andI was going to send it but couldn't find your address. If you give thatto me I'll send it along with the other two things. I'll have your SuccorPunch when we get over there in a few weeks.

Security was a big issue with me during my early days as a warrior and may still be. I sometimes thought that everything should be posted, as in early days I would hear from different warriors that this was the way to go for your security. Then I would hear that people were doing the work in private and not posting. I know of many people who spend time making and gifting orgonite and do not post about it. I also know that those who do not post about it are receiving regular vril attacks.

One thing I did not know then but know now (2010)was that they were emailing Don and telling them what they were doing. They just chose not to post. But did that matter? They were letting him know. Not posting did not stop attacks on me. In fact pushing back harder, gifting the more dangerous places, only brought more attacks so I am inclined to believe that posting is important. I do feel that with posting they do know then who supports you. And by reading our emails and seeing that it became a sore subject because I was a faithful student and learned and applied my learning. Sometimes it would annoy me how I did not get to post where I thought would make me safe. Now (2010) I think that he did not have me post because he really cared not to have a huge free for all go after me. I have had enough attacks and he might have been tired of coaxing me to keep pushing back. Although I think he knew I was a major player. And that I did not know. The first time Jeff came to my place and he saw the zappers I had just goten. One still in the package, without a cover on it and with a broken switch. He looked at me all serious and said. "You are a major player Dana."

Meeting my mentor brought a lot of attackers to me. It was my free will to go visit them. Shortly after I got there the very first time a federal agent that walked a dog in order to get close to the home where all the orgonite was being made for the water gifting, walked by to see who was visiting. I still had my Indianapolis license plate. It was obvious he was checking out the car as he pretended that the dog had stopped there and was writing info and talking on a cell phone. Of course even I thought it was just a man walking a dog but I saw the close attention that C. was paying. She can get into their minds and hear what they are thinking. This is something I have done from time to time and do not like it at all. Anyway she knew they were checking to see who was visiting.

I remember while I was at their place I saw a Ken doll on the front porch dressed in black. It was hanging by the neck. Of course I had to ask why is Ken hanging. D. told me that Ken was an MIB NSA and that was there to let them know that they are not taking the shit of being harassed for doing the good work they were doing in Florida. Making and putting out bunches and bunches of orgonite. I then learned who the men dressed in black were that lived by the airport in Indiana. They lived behind the Baptist church that was on a hill and I suspected it was underground Mason work area. I did EP all around. I walked right up to a group of MIB smoking and just kept on tossing in a creak. It was the creek along side airport property and the MIB were near the recycle area which was built up on a big hill so then that was my first experience in knowing who was harassing me so much. They were the ones who drove the big black hawk helicopters that followed me around as I was gifting. They were also who had the red beam that crossed my driveway to let them know when I was going out. It was equipment in a building the airport had bought out and was not in use. Later after gifting this building under and over, the roof blew off. That is the one that brought my heart close to yet another warrior who made those purple TBS just for me. Higher spiritual power they were. And we gifted them around the building and a natural tornado blew the roof off the building.

I had to learn to be strong and to stand strong. I was not really seeing the point though. That I was getting one to one attention. I learned how to respect him in the way he wanted respect, but I still felt on some level I was being left out and at times even held back. Now I know that I can boost well. All that time I had forgotten to regularly boost myself and act my shield of protection daily, morning and night. Even when I told another warrior the same as they were writing me to boost me, boost me. I said you can boost yourself and he was just as surprised as I was to find out it works to boost ourselves.

Well, that was reassuring. Naked in jail? That would kill me. I am a wimp when it comes to jail. A naturopath who is doing the good work in healing in Asheville was in jail for helping a woman with cancer. She dropped her Naturopathy title. Now she advertises herself as a nutrition consultant.
Swat teams. How do you, such a mild mannered smiley man handle a swat team? I mean it seems to me that you radiate love energy. I haven't yet put the 2 together very well, love and aggression. OK then, Ill be more aggressive. This is why I tune the red and green fork together. Love and agression. The one you have that I left there is used for making transitions smoother so if your tuning love, then add the copper tuner you have the sound of love changing. Anyway, its the solfageio scale. I'm glad you found the tuner. Use it while you have it.

Ive got a garbage bag full of metal and plenty of crystals so Ill get to work, if it doesn't offend the park to use that area. That 20 I had turned out to be more like 50and I have been selective on where I put them. Finding the worst areas. I saw 2 alligators going into bell glade so I left 4 there. It took me 3 times to get over the rail to throw to one alligator. So that area will be doing OK. There was a mosque there. I wonder if it will still be there next time I drive that way.
I went to Unity church and left them one also. Someone saw me going to the bushes and asked me what your looking at. I said the poison ivy. I'm finding a lot of German street names here. Not good names either. The bay looks awful.

Don't wait till I leave this area to get over here. Remember I'm out of here by august 22. Ill be packing in august.
I did 12 miles yesterday,on the elliptical. Not bad for an old lady. Huh? I'm pretty sore now, making my body get stronger. There is one criminal looking man who comes in and works on a machine when I get off of it. Never smiles. Bald, tatooes. I change the weight before I get off the machine so if I'm using 20 which is about what I do, so I don't hurt myself. I change it to 80. Then he gets on and sees I used 80 pounds. He must think I am a very strong woman. Hes been watching me for awhile.
I have to learn to be humble and work under the radar but how do you do that and be aggressive? Offending the people who pay you doesn't get you good recommendations. I was always the good smiley hard working nurse but I tuned and gifted at the hospital.
I was looking at pictures of obelisks. Downtown Indianapolis is called the circle city you know. The soldiers and sailors monument looks just like the photos of the old obelisks. I learned something going out on the boat. I know another area I didn't touch that needs a lot of work there.When I do round 2.
Jupiter to me seemed like a perfect place. A beach close by. That's why I like Naples. But they have swat teams there to huh? To terrorize people who are changing bad energy to good. They must feel pretty stupid when they see who they are terrorizing. And see muffin pans, and Carols pretty face.
I think I have cleared the liver ok of that petro chemical smell that was left here whatever it was. I am having headaches though. I'm using my home made remedy. I probably don't need the chembusters just having them missing when I thought I needed it made me pissed off.

I seemed to have developed a pretty good relationship after going gifting with the great folks who came to do the harpicane project. I sure didn't know the rough times that were coming for having been with them. And myself, I became my own worst enemy, by letting myself get messed with. I did not shield myself. I was not cleansing my aura or replenishing or clearing all negativity off so they had a field day with me. All the sleazy lizards who word for the NSA, CIA, ect, were just entering in whenever to read me. As I had holes in my aura that I am still working on repairing. I did not know what he meant when he made the comment it will probably get more intense. I was in for a learning experience I will never forget. Aggression 24/7 and being more aggressive then they are? That took a year before I even developed enough to show some aggression. This next year almost killed me. I am back now. And I will not be mind controlled or backed down. Even as I am writing this memoirs I had a visitor of a military helicopter. I blasted good enough OK. But that old feeling I get. Ive got to just completely get the feeling in me to just laugh and shoot righteous anger in a blast as good as my mentor does.

I learned how to use his boosting by putting it to something else. I was getting good at catching the energy and sending it where it needed to go. I think I will spend some time now boosting myself as I just these past months even realized I could.

Growing up as a warrior is such a learning process. The simple things that I wish I had been told come to me now. I'm finally there, Even after several threats to just give it up. You will see when the day comes that I hear the words that made this bond even stronger to me. He told me "Welcome to the world, or at least your on the map now". That is something I had never heard before and every baby should here those words.

Here is the email I received after I told about my childhood with a mother who did not like it that I would talk about seeing spirits and angels and she would even smack me a lot and yell at me to shut up. My father would tell her to leave it to him that he would spank me when he got home so he would take me into the bedroom and pretend to spank me and I would have to cry. Then my mother was satisfied. The next day it would start all over with my mom yelling at me for things like playing Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God almighty on my Organ and she would then start telling me just wait till your father gets home. He will take care of you. I would still start up playing my songs until she would yell at me to stop. Sometimes she didn't yell at me as I think she really did enjoy seeing how I wanted to learn to play.

I appreciate your advice. I know your not judging me persay. Guess I had a lot of New age trash thinking installed along the lines.

Seems like once I stood up to the person who crashed me I got job offers coming in now. Deland, orlando and Naples. Life is confusing. I was ready to go to work then the hospital would not release a reference. Now Im ready to run around on the field some more and Im being pulled back to work.

You know I went out with dolphins again. I went to a place that had a staircase not finished so looking down there was no way to get there as the steps were undone. Then I drew a card in a new deck of cards I have. after asking angels for guidance and the card was an unfinished staircase, just like in the vision. The meaning of the card was Life is a dialect. So I have to figure out why dolphins, and angels both told me life is a dialect.
I dont love any of those fake government beings or the tyranny. I was trying to understand because of what I have learned from the boards why we have to blast with love. You know like spanking a child in correction. Have I been taught wrong? It has to be love, coming from the heart chakra, right. But you add aggression to it. Id rather hate them, but it doesnt work. cause thats not the right kind of effective energy.
I understand there is so much new age in everything. I understand now how illuminati fools people in many ways. You think you get out of it then they come in a different form. Believe it or not. I have my own religion. If you even want to call it religion and its totally a unique blend made just for me. My angels are not new age. They are my helpers. When I was a kid I saw ghosts a lot. Opening the third eye isnt new age either. Not to me anyway. Cause its the pineal gland working. Its a computer part of yourself. When your brain develops then the pineal gland starts working for you. Thats not a religion.
Oh well, I dont want to confuse you. As always, thanks for the advice. I respect your advice.
Oh yeah, one more thing. Did I tell you that I was looking up something in Oregon and ran into a board Jeffe in oregon started and the old atm from WM was on there trying to discredit you. Cause you said he was an agent. I thought he was to. .. back then.
For being dyslexic you do pretty good with all the emails you have to forge through with all the warriors.

Another reply:

Diana,C's mom was the same way yours was--maybe worse. I don't knowif psychic gals mostly have that in common. Dorothy West, the old Druid Iworked with before I got with C., was from extremely dysfunctional,drunk parents and her two grandmothers raised and trained her from age 14;one was a Seneca medicine woman and the other a Welsh druid of the Doranorder. I gather that some of the NE Indian tribes kept their connectionswith the Celts alive from before Moses' time. There are hidden levels ofgood hierarchies among indigenous people, worldwide, who recognize eachother when they travel. I learned that from Dorothy. What we're all doingnow is new, though: destroying tyranny through etheric warfare.Many or most of us have hidden portions of our lives, lost to Monarchprogramming. I doubt it's necessary to relive the horror and trauma ofour trauma-based programming but I think it's absolutely necessary to stopletting that programming control us. You're getting past it just fine,even though you haven't outwardly acknowledged its existence. It takessome time, no matter how determined we are.You may want to read the book before you start giving it to PJ folks. Idoubt PJ folks will appreciate it, though they can easily read my journalreports as 'science fiction.' We have enough enemies already withoutlighting PJ folks' fuses, I think. To me, they're potentially moredangerous than the predators we're taking down because the PJ folks haveno foundation in genuine faith and so are prone to destructive mobmentality.It's no accident that they're that way. PJ folks are found mainly in theWest and industrialized Asia, by the way. Just about everyone else in theworld believes in something ;-)~D
This one is the end of July.

Another happening. I guess you collect things like this. so you can say. "It happens to us all."
Today I was respectfully obeying all traffic laws. I did not make any stops and goes at a red light like I do so often, (like C, respectful red light runs). I cant help that, it became a habit. Anyway, I had myself timed in traffic to hit every green. Out of no where came this car that acutually went out of its way to run into me!
I avoided it. Way was clear. It was my green light. so, he saw I avoided hitting him so he swerved into me then he must have lost control as he ran into a lightpost. Well, as I said I was oberying all rules. I had a seatbelt on even. My front end is just hanging there though. Oh poor old camry. I left the huge crystal under the drivers seat so it wont be lonely while in the shop. Anyway, this guy tells everyone I ran a red light. He did his best to back me down to confess. I said of course I did not run a red light. You hit me on purpose. now he was fuming. Hes on the phone, calling buddies. So I just go back to my car. I said well, you look ok so Ill be on my way.
I call my agent. Im so thiankful they are kind people. When the cop came I boosted the situation. He listened to us both then retired for a long time. Then he came out and said well, I cant see anyone at fault here, so you all take care of your own cars. Then while the cop was talking to us some lady was taking pics of my car. walked up to me taking pics of me. I said you can stop that now. she took another pic of me with my hand in her face. Id like to see that one. I said, I said, you can stop that now! Now where did she come from? So these people are trouble. You can post this and we can blast these people for trying to run me down and keep me out of working order. He mentioned to the cop. My risk manager is here. His name is
Bryan Keith Forsythe, from Englewood florida.(and I almost moved there), Not anymore.I will add that town to my list now.
Now maybe Im paranoid. Maybe he is a good guy. Maybe he is dressed like a doctor to run into me for some innocent reason. If so, I bed the universe to forgive me.
But alas, my angels did fast work. I was on my way to make a couple dozens of tbs when this happened. So, instead of going home to rest this event off. I got the car to the repair place. He said nope, cant drive it, I let the rental pick me up. I waited another hour for each of these steps. I got a brand new. with 6 miles on it. Im not gonna say, but its nice. I can have it for a month. So, Im off to make more than my usual, couple of dozen, how about couple of hundreds of dozens. Im in a car that no one knows me by. Its new. air co. I am going to cover bonita springs, ft myers, and punta gorda. I have only got the north of the peace so the south of Peace I am finding out is more aggressive towards me coming across the bridge. Well, Im not backing down south of the peace. Your on notice. Just lay it all down and give up your nasty dor ways. Your time is short.
Anyone want to ride along? And then if I feel like pulling out the discover card. On discover I will cover Labelle, and

I didn't bring the websites to the attention of my mentor to subscribe to him. And I think he knows that now. I was asking him what they were, in his opinion. In fact I had not even found the website until I was there, in Jupiter, in my hotel room, where I had done the search and in asking him to review it, I was asking him to explain it to me. Maybe I don't know exactly what he meant by subscribe because to me, it means asking someone to do the program, or get daily news about something. I was only asking what type of facility this was. Well, I got my answer, and as soon as I did I quit the job before I started. I cant believe I sent essays and all my information in, just for more mind control hackers to know I was job searching. One mistake after another.

I had another attack but this one was not such a big one on the computer. Some one was using things I had said in emails and putting them in the subject line of emails that came to me. In other words letting me know emails were being read.

Lots of us go thru the computer sabotage game, Diana. It's probably afunction of doing enough blasting, then we become a harder target afterthat.I know I piss individual people off when I mention that it seems that they have Monarch programming to overcome. Denial is the typicalresponse. The main vehicle of Monarch programing is Theosophy becausethe CIA got it from the Brits after WWII. The BRits had been usingTheosophy programming since the 1700s in India, which is why the newage movement is chock full of pseudo-Hindu and pseudo-Buddhist terminology.They only started calling it Theosophy after it had been prepared as a substitute for churchianity in the West. That was in the late 1800s, when people were leaving churches in droves, hunting for better answers than'edited' Christian ideology could provide. The websites and such that you were trying to get Carol and I to subscribe to during your visit were all in that mold.Apparently, Mary Magdalene was at Jesus' right side in Da Vinci's LAST SUPPER but he painted over her. It's good for folks to read Baigent andLincoln's book about Rennes le Chateaux, I think (written in the 80s,before most could contemplate the implications), to get past themisogynistic, reactionary apostles, none of whom who were eventuallypublished really figured out their Master. I don't think Jesus ever sanctioned an organization and He said, 'I bring not peace, but a sword.'This is all head stuff, of course, and when one's faith is based in the heart instead of the head it's impossible to be severely challenged by different ideologies. When it's mostly in the head, we react with denia lwhen someone points out a flaw in our reasoning. All of the artificial ideologies are based on 'irrational ism,' which is a Theosophy term for their own belief system that they dropped a few generations ago.The reason they threw those presumed priests at you is probably becausethey felt they could weaken your resolve the best. The new age home-caren ursing company was a bust, before that. The saboteurs they throw at me lately are people i foreign lands who say they've done a lot of gifting and it's tough to know who's genuine when one only knows him/her thruemail. I don't think it ever stops but I can say that the ones I'mencountering now are a lot easier to deal with than the Hootens,Wanderpissers, Al Grays, Stuart Jacksons, etc., at least, and it will ge tprogressively easier for you, too .Calling me a psychiatrist was a barb and it's not appreciated, just so you know. I wouldn't be doing you a favor by not calling attention to your personal insults, Diana.That's a programmed sociopathic response typical of Monarch and that was a feature of my personality, too, until about twelve years ago, when I started breaking free of my own Monarch programming.. As I said, you don't need to remember the horror of it in order to get past it. You'd have to go pretty deep with hypnosis to even get to those memories, I think.It's pretty liberating to finally understand the depth of our programmed Monarch behavior and it gives us a better view of the enemy, also a bettersense of urgency for putting an end to he World Odor in a lawful way.~D

People I loved, really loved were taken from me more than twice in my life. And when we were talking about past relationships I told him that. The time we spent together was perfect in every way. He was the man I looked for in the mountains for 5 years. I would not date. I even wore a wedding ring because I was good looking. Id flash it so men would leave me alone. I was to busy and did not want anyone to influence my children. After the dead beat man I married, who was like a bad child, I just didnt want any part of men. I did though, have this instinct that the man I was going to fall in love with was in the blud ridge mountains. My son did not really like me going alone so he did go with me one year. My daughter went with me another year. 3 years it was just me or me and my dog. I was less than 20 miles from him. I looked at every stop along the way for a man I would instantly fall in love with. I had no idea what he was like or looked like. But he was there. He grew up there and planned on retiring there.

When we were together I told him about the people I loved a lot and how they died in accidents so I didnt look for love for a long time. His eyes were so beautiful, he looked at me with fear when I said that. I immediately said but that would happen again. That day when he smashed his finger I was able to suck out the purple, red and swelling in an instant and he looked at me and said how did you do that. I said I dont know and laughed but he was still gazing at his thumg and said that was really a bad injury. How did you do that. I said because I wanted you to be without pain. I pulled out his headache. Another thing he was so amazed at. He gazed at me with true love in his eyes. I just wanted to hold him forever. However, at that moment I did not think we were soul mates or had been in other lives together. I just felt like I had found love again.

Boy did I take on anything that was after him or were they just new pawns that were sent to keep me in fear. I had a lot of etheric attacks after being with him. I learned how to fight back and I fought hard because if they were his attackers I wanted them gone. I just had this love that wanted him to be safe. Even the damn ninja. I took it on, so he would not have to. My mentor was the one who got the brunt of this. Me going crazy, especially in the days when I would have more than one attacker. And I think he understood when I told him. I listed all of them, the chinese man, the man that looked italian that beamed me, the ninja, the ones in the van with the ringer that sucked you when you were alseep into some vacumn that you had to fight to get out of. I am sure glad that this lone wolf warrior that left me all these criminals to fight had a chance to do some really great underground gifting without being attacked on my behalf as I had accepted the cording and I knew the damn hackers were coming after me for the fun of it so Id punch them around and use my mentors boosts to weaken them. But the vryl got me. I became under some other kind of mind control and gave up and got hurt. No more martyr. Not even for the love of a great warrior. And at that one who still has not thanked me for the good times we had and the great loving service he got. Being a person on this earth has enough difficulties but being a warrior who knowingly accepts another warriors criminals out of some desire to be loved. Those words, "Oh my God, and this belongs to me." really got me. I was still a vicutum of the western cult of romance. Thinking that this was it. Fight for the man you love, him, he was just on his merry way doing whatever, after having had a good time, not even looking back. A man who himself had been so blinded once by a half lizzard woman, a man who had gotten in really deep with the "guru" cult in the fifth dimension. He did stuff I had never heard of that was new age. And I was feeling and you picked on me for tuning a love chakra bowl? I know what I said was odd sounding. Doesn't this sound like a space ship? Well, I gave my love bowl away. I did all I needed to do with it. It was a bit to loud for me. So, as of 8-07. I have finally gotten over all the mind control sociopathic programing, and believe me. Im not going back to that one ever. If I feel sorry for a man, he is not getting my love as in let us live together so I can be your mother. If I love a man so much I will fight all his battles for him that man, I wont have as I learned my lesson. If a man is really bizarre and tells you your to good for me then I'll let it be at that. No more being with a man just for the sake of it. The person will though, have to be on my level the next time.
I have learned so much by going through these emails. I hope that my mentor does not get angry at me for holding onto them. I see now that I did not listen the first time around.
At least I learned we both had the same idea about Jesus. I have, even since childhood when I went to many churches by myself to worship. I would tell people to get over the death hang up. That Jesus came to tell us that we can have the power he had. Even today I say that about every Easter, and even today my very best of friends are still judgmental to me. I have such a strong faith, I do not need to run around talking about death and hell. Folks, it never was and it still aint what happened. That was made up on the back steps of a church by men. Jesus was here to show us we can transferre the energy of healing. Like it or not, all you who can not understand how a bad person gets to be on the other side without living in a forever burning abyss, just do not want to look at the other bible verses where Jesus tells you why he came.
As I write this I can see now that he was really teaching me a lot. I was not one who ran away after he talked about theosophy programming. I tried to say I did't get it as I was protected. It is true, my father did protect me from my grandfather who was a Mason, yet he could not protect me from society, and all the guilt, shame and other mind control that I got from having a mother that smacked me around and told me I was stupid. That's is not so was something I heard daily, and mostly it was you do not know shit. The last one was someone is feeding you a line of bullshit. Your gratitude is horseshit. When I asked her why did she have to be so bitter she swung her cane at me. And for the first time I stuck up for myself. That day I made a pledge that I no longer accepted abuse in my life. My siblings think I could just sit and take it as we know she is crazy but not so. Do not you all know yet that I can not function in misery and pain. My believes taken from me and no one paying attention to my let's all be healed and love each other attitude. It has to be for me to be me, it just has to be. I am so sure that this new baby coming will be the one that will family tell this family to release all its anger, and negativity towards people who believe in love, all love, and that love heals.

My mentor was sure I had this programming by the way I presented myself at the visit. And I was willing to try to understand just what was it that I had in me that I would need to get rid off. While I was visiting I was also under the influence of that I am group that was trying to hire me. I told them all about it. And that was the information he said I subscribed to them. That clinic was acting under the guise of being a health clinic. As soon as I learned they were new age theosophy mind control and these people were there to steal the energy and the souls of the people under their care I dropped out and later I did finally get to the area, look them up and over gift the place that was posing as a healing center. I was pretty grateful that this was the time I visited as had I not, I may have taken the job. I think he really just didn't understand that some people just didn't know what that new age theosophy was. I did not know what the I am was. I was studying and not paying attention to what theosophists were doing. So, as soon as they had had enough of me talking about the essays I was writing to get hired in this health clinic, he told me. I then could not understand why let me go on about it for 3 days if they knew in the beginning. I remember how C. looked at him when I told them of the essays I was writing. I guess it is that we must learn things for ourselves. I like to avoid pitfalls. I dont like climbing out of the pit.

After this email I came to an understanding that my faith was based in my heart. And from then on I studied everything from my hearts view. I even did an exercise program where I was making new connections from my brain to my heart. These new connections turned out to be useful as now I get to re-write my life. In a dream 5-07, I was told by my Angels that this is what your doing now. If this continues this is what the status quo is. Now we are going to step back and let you doing it your way. I really do not think I want to do it without guidance. I am asking, even today for guidance from my ancestors and Angels. I got the message last night 8-13-07 that the ancestors were ready to talk to me. The first thing being I thought it was the music I found.

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