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J feb 2007

I sent him an email that started like this:

I live my life with very high personal standards. I have done my very best to live up to those standards. I was tired of reading things on the board and hearing a different tone in emails. He was very concerned about the wound I had from being shot with an exploding bullet of some kind so I did get a lot of boosts for awhile.

I told him how i missed Jeff McKinley and was hurt he did not come back and I even told him how I loved him.

I was tough enough to work with him. I am a Warrior who works for the same thing. To re-inheret this earth, to get back our land. So I do not understand why he left me without a word.

That post on the board where you said that if your going to date anyone from this board then you must be prepared to suffer the consequences that the CIA that follows him might bring was meant for me. Wasn't it. I cant defend myself when you do things like that on your board. That was rude.

I wish that you would not judge me for mistakes I make or reading things wrong. Im no predator and I do not look on the board for romance. (He had charted that on the board.)

Jeff and I had several correspondences that I never recovered because my email was hacked and many things were removed from it. I had a serious wound from something that shot me when I was in the pool. It was bright red like a huge mosquito bite at first. When it happened I did think it was a mosquito bite and went in the gym and said there are some nasty mosquitoes in that pool.

The shot exploded whatever it was in me. I still have pieces of metal in my scar that Don told me was a branding. He said he was branded also and that we were about 4 years apart.

I made a power wand specifically to pull out the infection and I did break the fever. Don said his blast chat would be boosting me for healing from the wound. He was speaking of two kinds of wounds that I still had early February. The one on my neck from the shot and the one of sadness for not seeing Jeff again.

Diana, Dr. Reich lived his life according to very high intellectual and personal standards and Carol and I have done our best to live up to those standards, which is why we claim no arbitrary authority (we don't consider university degrees to carry intrinsic authority, any more than an honorary itle from Joe Stalin or Jerry Falwell might) and also why we carefully research and field test all of our inventions and modifications before offering them for sale. The other devices shown on this website are Carol's inspired, well researched and tested creations.
The Zapper trade had been overwhelmed since early 2003 by an astonishing volume of false scientific claims, groundless warnings and irrational recommendations, most of which came from lettered, well-known people who really should know better. If you think that earning university degrees indicates discernment, personal integrity or even intelligence you may be in for a rude awakening.

Degrees obtained from field research are the honest degrees I think.

No matter what I said about my dissertation. He thought that getting a degree was worthless. So much so that I was beginning to think that way and was careless and didn't back up my work.

I know that knowledge is important in helping us to understand anything. I do not consider my holistic degrees as part of this university system he so often refers to. Clayton college is different and teaches a lot of discernment. Of course, he never went to nursing school, so he does not understand how holistic and how much authority comes with nursing. We must know the difference in real acute medical problems and those that are of psych origin or chronic. We must know when to include a medical doctor in a persons care. I think this theory he often stands by changes when he really likes a person who helped him. He brags then of Dr. Von Peters degrees, and they are worth bragging about. And the same goes for me. My degrees and my life experience are very important. I do not think that judging has any part in being a good warrior. I told him this so that must be what he means when he talks of me and how I feel about him. Other than that I tell him what a man of high integrity he is.

If you look in history how Florence Nightingale knew that actual work made the degree, and she feared that the medical doctors would bring down the caring system. of course she was right about that. And she had a lot of retribution also. She was psychic and had visionary dreams.

So I was ill from the implant. I was trying to work on a dissertation. And my last week for the job ended. So according to what he said, I was branded and about 4 years behind him.


It has been great all the dust of acquired knowledge I have shaken off since corresponding with you. I cant say its all been easy but so informative, self cleansing, learning experiences beyond anything I ever experienced in any college. I hope you realize though that learning at home from a natural health college gives you a chance to study the truth on your on.
Thats is why I value my school. I can bring in what every honest person such as Reich did and make my training my own.
I wont be a part of revamping any educational system. But before I leave here I want my mark made that I was a part of the change.. Keeping myself alive while doing this has been like a magical trick.

Its known that I wear a zapper at work. You can see the light going on through my clothes. I have less people make fun of it now than even 2 years ago. its because we all know the diseases abuse of antibiotics has caused.

I was called in for guess what. Not killing a patient. And for closing my eyes during a break. The not killing is my words but it went like this. The family was mad that I didnt give someone morpine ever 20 minutes. The family was tired of sitting with them and wanted them to die quickly. The patient was not in pain. Not suffereing in any way. the whole idea of this was that the longer he lived the more chance would be that I would find out why he was so sick anyway.

I have become empowered just by using the zapper. I have cut down on homeopathics, vitamins, and no need for medical drugs.

Im looking for a few others that can say this. As I cant use myself in the paper I am writing.
You really can not be discouraged by someone who is doing the right thing.

My natural health degree is not one of paper. But one that worked so hard on finding the truth.


I did a lot of different things to heal that wound. You did not see all the pics as they did not let me have all my pics as usual. Ill write it all out someday. You would be amazed at how I think of healing. I know we can heal ourselves. But t

hat was a tough one.

We had a patient that was a Grey. They have different heart beats. They don't have good lungs either or veins. But they have exceptional kidneys. The kidneys can compensate for their horrible blood gasses, with all they need to bring the blood oxygen level up. One nurse told me he was like her. I said I don't think he is human and she said your probably right. She is one that took the longest time for blasting to respond to me. I think she will not be hateful to me anymore. She looks at the HP with fear.

I found a floppy or whatever you call those little things you add info on and it had the conclusion to my paper on it. I worked on it for 4 hours to spell check and delete and fix up and it would not save as I changed it so I did a copy to paste and the computer went down and then would not paste. All that work. It is time for me to get this done. Nutrition is also spiritual nutrition and how we feed our energy bodies. So the zapper and even orgonite can come into this dissertation. Ill send you the conclusion if you want to see where I was leading in the old paper. I want to add you, Dr. VP, and other docors or writers to it this time. You might be able to show me where to insert them. I had a good thing going and it was 3-5 am. All that lost now.

He answered with a short. I would have been dismantled if I had lost my paper like that.

Then later on he came back and talked about my wound. I sent him pictures of it. I had to use acupuncture needles in a circle all around it to get it to break open to show me what was under the painful red area. Under it was eschar from a burn. It did not drain. So all my hair follicles or skin pores were clogged from the swelling. It was getting bigger. So I made a little incision with acupuncture needles and took a syringe and pulled the dead burned tissue out the best I could. I used several different home remedies and I did wet to dry sterile small dressings when I got well enough to go back to work.

That was apparently a poisoning, Diana, but it's new to me. I don't know f
anyne else who got big sores like that after getting poisoned, but I was
injected with something--perhaps radioactive==that immediately killed the
living tissue within a cm or so (it turned green) and took several mnths t
heal--that was the wrst I got and it was 5.5 years ago. Come to think of
it, the sore created by the zapper's head penny by the rattlesnake bite
also turned green immediately and took a lng time to heal, too.
Maybe they thought that would kill you.

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J-----winter 2006

December 2006

I gifted the Charlotte Harbor bay myself and someone put a rat on my brakeline.

-----Original Message-----From: dTo: rnndworks@aim.comSent: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 2:12 pmSubject: Re:
Thx, Diana--you're doing a great job there! We didn't gift the Gulf from
Venice (the main inlet) to Everglades City but we got the coastline, a few
miles out, south of EC and north of Venice very well.Keys were gifted
pretty well all the way to and including Dry Tortugas.
If the coast along Sanibel still ahs red tide you can stop it. Pay
attention to whether people are fishing out there--that will tell you
whether there's still a red tide problem. It's possible that we stopped
that mainly by gifting the source, which is 50 miles or so northwest of
You're well qualified to talk to reporter. it's really better if I'm not
seen as the only person who talks publicly about this stuff. I don't think
I'd talk to him, anyway, because mainstream media isn't safe for us, even
if his editors did decide to publish something fair, which I doubt would
happen, yet.
I'm very sorry to hear that you lost all that work on your puter. I'd be
devastated by something like that. I did a couple of backups when I was
writing the book because I know how the feds like to come in the house and
mess with our puters when we're gone.
I sent you the items you paid for, months ago, and I sent you a free copy
of the book, I think before I left FL. Lately, I sent you a Succor Punch
freq. box. I likely included one with the SP but the feds apparently took
it out of the package. I'll ask the psychics to do some work for you on
Let me know, specifically, what you ordered but didn't receive and I'll
send the items by express mail, okay? If you can use your work address
that might be better, since you're apparently living in a fed hive now.
LOts of reptiles are MDs, of course--it's funny but not funny, too.
Thx for the wax report. Cesco and Dirk have also made nice-feeling wax
devices and the issue, which has powerful potential for distraction, will
be thoroughly discussed on EW so that they can promote their wares
properly without generating a lot of craziness.
Did you email Carol about a reading? If you did, she apparently didn't
receive it. She's on an errand right now, or I'd ask her. I know she's
keeping up with email these days. Try c and CC it
to c okay? Both of us have been literally
seeing email disappear from our boxes lately and we've spent some time in
the sessions going after the hacker horde's management.
I don't mean to say it's not necessary to disable implants. YOu're
sensitive enough to know where they are, I think, so it's pretty easy to
just tape magnets in teh spots. I hope you'll consider learning teh
dodecahedron technique from Dooney. This is leagues ahead of the kind of
blasting we were doing before. dooney@bluemarbleimages.com is her addy
but she wrote good instrucgtions, which I think are on EW but also on

You're doing a great job, as usual, Diana. Thx for the updates.
Unfortunately, the 'mouth' is all we have for posting on a board. I'd love
to see you get clear of all that angst, aggression and guilt and be able
to report your work, publicly, in a suitably uplifting way. As I've said,
the best way to get out of our emotional shackles is through selfless
service work, like you've been doing. It's appropriate to express anger at
tyranny and exploitation by defeating those forces & I've found that to be
a handy, terrific outlet for me.
We usually surround a satanic spot with TBs when we can't get on the
EPs are usually a good idea, too, since all rats like to burrow ;-) but
remember that you can drop an orgonite plug into a pipe fence post, sign
post or other open pipe and get the same result that you'd get by pounding
an earthpipe in the ground, okay? In some places it's impossible to get a
pipe in the ground without a special tool.
I'd like to know if you see boats out in the Gulf now. If you see people
fishing, out there, it means the red tide is gone. When we gifted/boated
from Tarpon Springs (n. of Tampa) to Venice last May there wasn't a single
boat in the Gulf. I want to konw if the orgonite we tossed has reversed
the persistent red tide. that stretch of coast was the worst of it.
I had suggested that you go back to the shoreline of Ringling Museum a
week after your gifting effort to see if the water quality in that small
area has changed due to your orgonite. I want you to get the visual
confirmation for yourself, not for me. I remember that the water was quite
murky there when I lived in Sarasota in the early 80s.

-----Original Message-----From: dTo: rnndworks@aim.comSent: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 11:54 amSubject: Re: gifting and other stuff
Thx for letting me know about the red tide, Diana. If you can find out
more I'd appreciate knowing that, too, like whether someone's taking
credit or some stupid explanation is officially offered, like there was
with the HAARPicane deficit ;-)
You never harm people, so why all the guilt? Mouth isn't a problem,
either--we only express who we are and you're making the world better.
Whatever it is that causes you to push folks away is perhaps where you
ought to direct your attention, but it's definitely true that the more
selfless service acts we perform, the less urgent our personal problems
seem to be.
Pot addicts let in controlling entities, sort of like drunks do, but
potheads are more lucid when they're doing it. The guy is maybe a Monarch
asset and doesn't have a clue about it. There are millions of those out
and about. Cutting off the snake's head is the only solution--the reason
adults remain active monarch assets is because they lack enough character
to break away from it, so they remain unwitting slaves in most cases.
It's not that they're fond of evil, I think.
I don';t think anyone's gifted lake Sebring. We only did a path across
Okeechobee and the edge from West to South. We didnt' focus on lakes,
otherwise, but it's important to do those. We're doing the lakes around
here and will do the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the spring, probably all
the way to the sea.

-----Original Message-----From: dTo: rnndworks@aim.comSent: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 7:56 amSubject: Re: that was to funny, how I signed that last email
Diana, if you're zapping it's not an infection--you more likely got
poisoned or are being poisoned, like several of us get from time to time.
Your naturopath training ought to be enough for you to get clear of that,
I think, but Dr von P has specific remedies on lifequestformulas.com for
getting the liver back online, etc., otherwise. I don't know of any other
sources of really powerful natural remedies but there probably are some.
When Carol and I got heavily dosed with beryllium dust he got it sorted
out in a few weeks after we sent him our hair samples..
More orgonite in the sea is always better because I think it gets
distributed by the dolphins.
YOu may have told me that you got the freq box but the note either didn't
reach me or I forgot.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

that mysticism quote

Reich said that unelss we proceede cautiously generations of
mystics who conceive of the orgone metaphysically, divorced from
non-living nature and who do not comprehend it from the standpoint of
natural science. And it seems to me that we have more than enough mysticism as it was.

This was the basis of the crack down on new age or any religious behavoir that any gifter had for that matter, according to my mentor. So, I just sat back and let him rant whenever he wished about my mystical activitiies or my mind controlled personality. I think he was relaying many things he had learned about himself to me, although he would not say it that way but that is how it felt sometimes.

Friday, July 13, 2007

calling healing ancestors

wom blah bo cast te es ta

this is the way of the wheel and calling on the 4 direction

Thursday, July 12, 2007

E. the next morning after gifting the bay--chapter 2 continues

Its 2006. I was to go gifting with Don and Carol. Carol drove. When we dropped Don and his boat off in Boca Raton water way we rode on through to Miami looking for different docks that might be the dock Don was going to pull up on.

I did not ride with him as the waters were going to be rough on the way to the bay and he knew I would be afraid of the boat tipping up so I rode in the car looking at the map to try to figure out where we would meet while Carol was driving. That was my first time going through Miami.

They were an adorable couple then, really in love it seemed, and so it showed by the way they looked at each other. When we got near to where the boat pulled up C. was on the phone telling D. where we were and he was talking on a cell telling C. where he was and they were looking at each other talking on the phone. It was a kodak moment and we did not think to bring a camera. To see them talking on a cell phone looking at each other, explaining to each other where they were was funny. I dont know which one realized first they were at the same pier already.

There was a dead shark on the pier. It sure did stink. And now,(2010) I wonder if that was not an omen of things to come. It was a wonderful day. Perfect weather. Syplphs were overhead, a huge one. The coast guard watched us as the dolphins jumped up and did some tricks for us. I played my Angel tunning fork for them. Carol said they liked it. We gifted every mile out and every mile back.

I got up about 4am and headed back to lehigh which was 3 hour drive, taking my memories with me. I left this email when I got back.

I wrote as soon as I returned.

You know Don, I had a wonderful time! I felt very safe in the boat. Im so glad I got to be there and to see the dolphins. I know they showed for C. and me too! When we gifted the world trade area,that was a great feeling! It was so wonderful. Beyond explaining. Ill have to write a poem about that trip.

You are such great people. Im sure you know to some extent but what your doing is beyond words.

Thanks again so much. It was nice sleeping next to the mermaid. I had great dreams.

Love, prayers and lots and lots of blessings to you!

I think Don was making excuses for why DB left his board and quit making Orgone.

Their slander arrows, mainly, were directed at D B, strange to tell, perhaps because they were hoping that he was the 'head' of this movement. They can't understand the nature of a grassroot movement, after all. DB is still doing okay, apparently, though they clearly wanted to kill him before they started the slander campaigns on the discredited boards.

More from EW posts: Don wrote this post after our gifting and I put my poem in it.

--Sour grapes for them, I guess. I've put enough information about him and his gifting achievements in my book that if it gets popular, so will his substantial contributions to this network be recognized and his good reputation restored. See how they're trying to erase him? This is what they did to Dr Reich, though that effort is finally failing, too. Let's do whatever we can to exonerate Dr Reich, okay? It's necessary, now, for him to be seen in proper perspective. The work we're doing has been effective at bringing Dr Reich back into public discussion, again, and I'm damn proud of our role in that, at least.

I love this part:

The most dramatic encounter Carol and I have had with dolphins in Florida happened a couple of days later, in Miami. That day, Diana, who lives near Ft Myers, rode along with us and they dropped me off thirty miles north of Biscayne Bay so I could gift the ocean along the coast from Boca Raton to North Miami (Haulover Inlet). I picked them up at a nearby marina and we gifted both sides of Biscayne Bay from North Miami, eleven miles to Virginia Key and back.

He had written my full name in his post. I have removed the last name. I am sure he had a reason for exposing me in visiting and gifting with them.

As I read this I was wishing I was there for this part;

--Jeff, Carol and I had gifted the larger part of Biscayne Bay some time ago and the water, there, has become pristine and beautiful; so back to the day I was in the boat--the north section, between Miami and Miami Beach, was still pretty funky. The dirtiest stretch of water was right by the tallest buildings in Miami, between downtown and the cruise ship terminal. Carol saw a dolphin’s dorsal fin right by the bridge that goes to the ferry terminal, so I slowed the engine to idle and turned toward the dolphin. A couple of cops were waiting for us in a speedboat, there, so we weren’t watching the water, which looked pretty nasty, anyway.Soon after that, we saw the fins of about twenty bottlenose dolphins. Carol and Diana started tossing orgonite to them, including dolphin balls, and they came closer and closer to the boat, playing with each other and sticking their heads up out of the water. I was driving in slow circles and the water was only a couple of feet deep in places, so I was churning up a lot of mud at times. Carol had an urge to jump in the water but she won’t swim in water where she can’t see what’s coming.Diana was hitting a tuning fork and we could tell that the dolphins enjoyed the sound because they came closer when she did that. I’m thinking of getting a small crystal singing bowl for these occasions but will certainly get some tuning forks, at least. Carol says they love certain sounds.We decided to go after awhile but the dolphins remained and the cops apparently forgot about us because they were both in the bow of their boat, looking around at the dolphins. I don’t think they noticed when we left. Dolphins love everyone, of course, and nearly everyone responds to that love.One of the bigger dolphins (there were a lot of youths in that pod) asked Carol to disable a HAARPifact (my term for an uncharacteristic HAARP weapon; this one turned out to be one of those ‘bowling pin arrays’ up on a platform on Virginia Key), ‘along our way and to the right.’ We did a thorough job on that one, careful of the shoals since it was low tide by then and Biscayne Bay is loaded with shoals. HAARP affects cetaceans, so maybe those coastal arrays are partly configured to harm them as well as to disrupt weather over land

2006 - 17 July, 07:49 Diana, who had been gifting in Indianapolis but came to Florida to explore some new nursing career opportunities and to finish up her naturopath education, was inspired to write the following poem:

Miami Bay gifting with Don and Carol Croft

Listen to my story Pull up a seat
Open your minds eye You are in for a treat.
This is a story about the most healing day
Gifting with Don and Carol on Miami bay.
Calls from the water of the bays, come on in.
You are my friends,You will have a great day,
so this is where it begins
Before coming I was scared,
now in the boat I felt free
We start dropping the orgonite and I made mine ski
The tbs were tossed out in a timed way to create a harmonic tune
With the pulsing in my veins I knew it would be soon
I tapped my angel and crystal tuners as Carol tossed the orgonite
Don drove the boat slowing down as if knowing this was the site.
The orgonites under the water linking one with each other
Correcting the underwater currents with a shimmering cover
The dolphins knew then that Carol was near and gathered to receive the balls
They waited patiently for that one last link to break down that negative energy wall.
Then suddenly they were free to jump
And we all said in succession
Look over there, over there, over there,
At first just showing their fins they were everywhere
Then as we threw those beautiful dolphin balls out
The dolphins began to sing and shout
Lets give them a show
And the rest I am sure by now,
what dolphins will do for Carol
They were under the boat it seems
making the radar look like we were sitting to low
or maybe it was just the sand stuck in the tow,
It was so much more than songs of a sparrow
The sonar they sent made me a child
Then soon I was an infant baby, how wild!
The Miami police boat was watching us as if wondering what will they do.
Then the dolphins started jumping one by one, then two by two,
They jumped high with that smile, and in pairs,
Each jump would be higher like steps of a stairs.
Leading us to a place some would call heaven
I knew then, this was confirmation,
the queen of diamonds and jack of clubs
ace of spades were much more than a seven!
We created a reality that day, one of breaking bread of loaves by the sea.
Communion with the dolphins, Carol, Don and Diana, that's me.
The dolphins instructed Carol move on ahead under the bridge
then a couple a waves undertow turn right at the ridge
So we gave our thanks and gratitude
to the Dolphin's pod and drove on past the Miami policewith a wave and a nod.
God protect those dolphins and send them to a safe place I prayed
They risked their lives in coming out in that dirty Miami bay
To show us we were right on course we got another confirmation
A huge beautiful Sylph in all its gllory stayed with us in adoration.
We gifted the world trade centers, oh waters now of glory
!Let us sit back and in time hear of your sweet story.
The weather balls and then we even gifted the oblisek
All that negative energy, just gone in one instant.
That was my day with Carol and Don July 6, 2006
Starbucks before and starbucks afterWhat a thrill to undo the next planned disaster.

written july 10,2006 for Don and Carol


Thanks Don and Carol, for everything you do.

That was a great day. When I tossed the tbs out and they slid on the top of the water I would say to myself. This ones for the girls. It was a song that had played a lot while I was staying at Jupiter beach resort.

It matched with a song that was made for me during the radionics program which was not until a year later. To the girls was a song that Steeve had put in there with the sound of us in the boat.

And at the end of the song came the words. You dont listen to me. blah blah blah. Well the emails coming up will say sort of that. No prosetlying. Like I was. I was not selling my wares. I did the tunners for the dolphins. However I did tune in the car in the back seat. I did ask if it was OK. Aparently Don hated it, even though he was nice about it at the time. He thought I was imposing my new age believes on him.

I always wanted a T shirt back then that said. I tunned Don Croft.

So when we get there, the time of the radiomics, you can go over to naturopathicethericwarriorrn.blogspot.com and you will see what the radionics program was all about. For now, that wont be open until I get to next year in the book.

E. Chapter 2--Jupiter Beach Resort : The time I met the big guy

I enjoyed every minute of my time at Jupiter beach. In reviewing my emails which I put here exactly as they were written, except for names removed, I can see now how I much fun it was to be there at the beach resort. That was my gift to myself for the very difficult 13 week assignment I had just finished in Port Charlotte. In fact, another gift to myself was to stay in the condo for another 3 months as I really loved being there watching the area be built and having very little families there during the construction phase. It was like I was living on a ranch. I make full use of my assingments and I gift myself well for the hard work I do. And I would hear by the next email that I was coming back again and this time I would get to go gifting in the ocean. I was really hoping to see dolphins. Yet, I was afraid to go. I knew that being with special people I would overcome that fear of being in the ocean in a smaller boat.

My replay came quickly. I was hoping this reply would be the invitation to go out in the boat. While we were at dinner we I could see how much joy they had for the selfless service they were doing in Florida. The harpicane project was well under way. There had been no hurricanes since Wilma.

I was very happy to hear that I would get to go back to visit. I enjoyed the gifting experience with my mentor. That night I brought all my crystals up into the room and put them on the balcony. That area had a vortex that looked like glowing sparkles coming out of the sky to the trees around the resort. The trees were alive with elementals in them. I had brought with me the left over tbs that were sent to me in Indianapolis from a warrior in Jupiter. I had hoped to meet him. He was on vacation in the mountains. That I did not know when I came or I would have changed the dates. If we had met then. I am sure we would be normal gifting warrior friends now. I tossed his tbs on the roof at the resort as I listened to the band playing outside my balcony on the 7th floor, overlooking the tiki hut. I heard that song "This one is for the girls so many times that week in Jupiter as it was a popular song then.

I dreamed that night that I was in an office building and I was walking down the corrider with C. I told her my office is the last one on the right. In the office was my furniture that I had given to a massage therapist in Indianapolis and it is now in a storage shed. She told me very happily that one day all the offices in the building would be mine. My dreams switched around then as I get up and down during the night and boost out my balcony window. Im swimming in the ocean in my dream. Something I cant do for real. And I am thinking that I am part of the ocean. I am not just riding the waves. I am a part. I don't remember any more of my dream. I do remember what a great feeling it was being there.

Hi D

This morning at sunset I was walking the beach and a mermaid came up in a big unexpected wave and took from my hands 2 pieces of seaglass, that I had just found, a long green dress and a green flowered swimsuit. I just fell into the ocean laughing, oh yeah and a penny and my room key. None of it came back so I knew it was sucked out fast. The eve before I tossed one in there and it didnt come back. So I read up on mermaids and the ones that use the green sea glass are the shipsavers, they keep in contact with dolphins so if there is any trouble with the ships then the dolphins alert them. I have confirmation now that Carols speaking with the elementals will make for a good boating day and Ill extend my vacation a few days longer to do that. Ill do my best to help and not get in the way.

I started to email and my computer did error stuff and even said I had no server, and wouldnt let me email, so I blasted the hands doing that, and it cleared up. Im learning.

Ill be there sunday unless I here you changed to saturday again. If you do get back saturday come and eat the buffet. Its worth it. Lots of healthy stuff, all kinds of berries.

I dont know where I left the cell, most likely in the car but dont have the charger with me but still if theres no email contact then you can call if you change the dates from monday to something else, otherwise Ill be there.

Pass that experience I had with the shipsaver mermaid taking my clothes and seaglass to Carol. I usually dont email Carol, cause the psychics are busy people you know. I have grown past the terrible twos now and may let go of the apron string soon. Im sure you have other beginners to talk through the early stages. You very patient. I almost gave up and became a good christian a few times in Indiana, but you talked me through the crazyiness. I just wanted you to know I know that, even though then I didnt know that.

I also put tbs out in the sea turtle egg areas. Im still having fun.


Thanks, Diana, and it was good to meet you. I appreciate your concern for
the poison but the enduring problem was the metal, which Doc von P got out
with his methods. STevo's selling a new chelation product that works
well, too, and isn't time/labor intensive. It's the easy stuff that seems
to get done the most ;-)
Not sure we'll get the boat thing done on Saturday, as the ferry gets to
Ft Myers 9PM Friday and we might stay one more nite on the other coast,
then. Monday is more likely, if so, in case you can make it then. YOu
could stay Sunday nite with us.
So I made it back to Jupiter again for another 3 night stay so I could then spend another day with my mentor and this time I would get to go out in the boat! When I started this vacation I did not even dream it was going to be as much fun as I thought it was. I think that any warrior I have talked to that has spent time with them feels the same. Even if they secretly thought that I was still under the influence of new age stuff, they did not talk to me about it. They just let me have fun. And C. invited me to stay the night inside the house this time, because the camper was hot. We just had lots and lots of fun, however, by the time I came for the second meeting, D. had told me finally what that place was where I had been writing essays to get hired for the job. Duh. I had no idea until I was told.


Thanks for letting me know that was white brotherhood stuff. Geez, they come at me in all different forms then. I guess Im just going to work as a nurse then, as it may be safer for me to not be a part of who I work for. These folks made it clear that if you take this job you work together on each other and for each other to channel in ascended masters.
Nursing must be safer than that. Thats just a job, you get paid for, and people getting better is important to me.

Ive seen a lot of ugly crap coming at me since last night. Must be 4D stuff. I can explain that tonite if you have time for question and answer.

Im out of the room but have the run of the place and beach and new fiji line stuff grand opening here. Love that coconut water. Havent had to eat cause they have been usuing me to shove all brands of coconut water at. Taste tester I am. I showed the HP and zapper to them. They love it. I told them they were made locally and they took my email address.

It will be evening when I get to your place. You dont have to host me. I can take care of myself. C. doesnt have to work. If I make tbs I can clean up after myself. I dont wanna be a pest you know. Thanks for inviting me on this trip.

So that night I did spend the night in the camper and the next night C. did ask me to stay inside. Either way, it was OK with me. Staying outside I didnt sleep good. But I got to see what came out at night. D. put out food on the patio and racoons came, then possums came and even a cat came to much on the patio bird seed food mix. They were really a sweet couple. C. said that the racoon mama really liked her and when she had the baby she brought the baby to show it to her. And D. really liked his pets. I could tell, he had a huge heart chakra that day. Not like what I was expecting from the emails he writes. In person he really is a big softy with a great hug and his boosts are very kind with a whopping punch to them like a blast of 100% oxygen.
He didnt hear me very well so I think we talked mostly in smiles. I have a feeling that when the times comes that he remembers how to be sort of psychic he will be able to pull in the energy to build himself a hearing system. And the whales will help him. I am very inclined to believe the whales watch over D. and save and carry his boosts. Not just the affects of gifting, the boosting people do is very much a part of our daily lives as an etheric warrior. If it is not, then it is time to make it so. He talked to me about it many times as being a public service. To boost/blast when and where it is needed. I think it took me till 2/07 before I could do the amount of boosting/blasting I wanted to. And now that I have learned if we snap our finger at the upper heart chakra it comes out like a heavily powered hose I can keep up with half of what I think needs boosting. Im really good at it now. Of course, I think I learned from the one EW with the biggest boost.

Dr. of Naturopathy on the news

I will be on the news july 19 and 20. If your in ft myers please watch fox news. My Dr. of Naturopathy can be put to practice for you at the spiritual connection in Lehigh. Just call them for an apointment with me. Or write me.

Andys CB also got in the news that day!