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G. summer of 2006 continues

During the time at the resort my computer was messed with as I emailed back and forth with the warriors in Jupiter. The emails would disapear in mid air at times. One email to a different warrior that I wrote while in Jupiter was kept hidden from him until 3 months later. This was a warrior I wanted to meet also while there who was working the harpacaine project with D. and C. He had taken a trip to the mountains so I stayed with D and C and did not get to meet him.

Back home my computer contintued to be messed with in dealing with emails. I ordered the book D. had written, paid for it and even had rush delivery and it never came.

The night I was ordering the book sitting on my bed. Having made my first orgonite at that condo, having told Don, a helicopter shows right up at my long second story window and the cockpit was seen in my big mirror. You will read more about that.

So I sent him a message because I had left my computer on and went out.
When I came back there was a suspicious car leaving the area and my computer had signs of searching that I did not do. Also my chembuster was empty There was a smell in the place. I promptly reported all this to Don.

I added to that report that I was not subscribing them the website I had shown him while there. I really did not know what that I am place was all about. I thought I was applying for a holistic health nurse position. I talked about the essays I was writing and no one bothered to tell me until the very end of my stay what it was all about. I was writing an essay on why I am healing and how I was healing.

When he told me the truth that is was a St. Germainers place, and Mind Control of it at that, reniged my application to them. Of course he used this against me in emails for a long time. You will hear about the song, later on, that matched our giffting day in Miami Bay, and how at the end of the song, A voice kept saying. You ontinue to say the wrong things, think the wrong things. How can I get you on track if you keep believing the wrong things.

I could have been saved the hassle of writing the essays to get this job had I known what kind of a new age place it was. So, here is my first reply after getting back home and settled back in. I did make the mistake of telling him his way of teaching to me made me feel like he was acting like a psychiatrist. I did not save every email. I didnt realize I was saving the ones I did because I always thought that mail was discarded in a month if not moving it to a folder. When I found out I had all these emails I knew I needed to keep saving them for something. What better way can you make a timeline of accurate account for conversations with your mentor.

Although I meant it as he was as intelligent as a psychiatrist (although I never had any psychiatric counseling, I did work in psych with the psychiatrists for 11 years). When I was striking the solfageo scale tunners in the back seat they did the job. They brought to surface what needed to come up so it could be let go. However he hated that idea. He felt that he had been subjected without approval to a new age theory. Solfageo scale music is not new age!! I learned about this in the Soma energetics training.

This email must have had some target words in it as I did then remember the horror of it all, after being told I did not need to, and why I did that, I dont know. I do know now, I sure had a lot to learn and even more torture to put myself through in the coming year before I finally break free from conditioned programing.

So here is one of his responses as we were arguing that I did not subscribe anything to him. He would tell me I'm doing great then tell me I was doing something wrong.
Later on he told me he was reading the book called Fascism that Reich wrote about.

Another email in my box: Lots of us go thru the computer sabotage game, Diana. It's probably afunction of doing enough blasting, then we become a harder target after that.
I know I piss individual people off when I mention that it seems to me that they have Monarch programming to overcome. Denial is the typical response. The main vehicle of Monarch programing is Theosophy because the CIA got it from the Brits after WWII. The BRits had been usingTheosophy programming since the 1700s in India, which is why the newagemovement is chock full of pseudo-Hindu and pseudo-Buddhist terminology.They only started calling it Theosophy after it had been prepared as asubstitute for churchianity in the West. That was in the late 1800s, when people were leaving churches in droves, hunting for better answers than'edited' Christian ideology could provide. The websites and such that you were trying to get Carol and I to subscribe to during your visit were allingned in that mold. Apparently, Mary Magdalene was at Jesus' right side in Da Vinci's LASTSUPPER but he painted over her. It's good for folks to read Baigent and Lincoln's book about Rennes le Chateaux, I think (written in the 80s,before most could contemplate the implications), to get past themisogynistic, reactionary apostles, none of whom who were eventuallypublished really figured out their Master. I don't think Jesus eversanctioned an organization and He said, 'I bring not peace, but a sword.'This is all head stuff, of course, and when one's faith is based in theheart instead of the head it's impossible to be severely challenged bydifferent ideologies. When it's mostly in the head, we react with denialwhen someone points out a flaw in our reasoning. All of the artificial ideologies are based on 'irrational ism,' which is a Theosophy term fortheir own belief system that they dropped a few generations ago.The reason they threw those presumed priests at you is probably becausethey felt they could weaken your resolve the best. The new age home-care nursing company was a bust, before that. The saboteurs they throw at melately are people i foreign lands who say they've done a lot of giftingand it's tough to know who's genuine when one only knows him/her thruemail. I don't think it ever stops but I can say that the ones I'm encountering now are a lot easier to deal with than the Hootens,Wanderpissers, Al Grays, Stuart Jacksons, etc., at least, and it will getprogressively easier for you, too.Calling me a psychiatrist was a barb and it's not appreciated, just so youknow. I wouldn't be doing you a favor by not calling attention to your personal insults, Diana. observed to me that you have a strongtendency to drive friendly people away from you. That's a programmed sociopathic response typical of Monarch and that was a feature of my personality, too, until about twelve years ago, when I started breakingfree of my own Monarch programming.. As I said, you don't need to remember the horror of it in order to get past it. You'd have to go pretty deep with hypnosis to even get to those memories, I think.It's pretty liberating to finally understand the depth of our programmed Monarch behavior and it gives us a better view of the enemy, also a better sense of urgency for putting an end to the World Odor in a lawful way.~Don

Wow, this man seemed like a genius to me. To know so much about everything relating to a 4th dimensional war. I believed everything he told me and became a really good ehteric warrior. Of course I was always a spiritual warrior and spiritual warefare is done in the fourth dimension also. That is the supernatural God realm that the true churches who are ready for Armageddon teach you about.

I think I learned the sociopathic response from my marriage and love affairs. I had picked them for some odd reason that I felt sorry for them. They all had that personality to cling to a co-dependant. Most nurses are co-dependants until they learn they are and break the habit of enabling someone. In fact it is a spiritual growth process to break free of co-denpendant behavoir. When you love someone who uses to care for them but is not nice to you, you enable them to have this behavoir, so you continue living in a fascist relationship. One day you look good, you get hugs, you have sex, which a woman thinks is love, and the next day they are back to drinking or doing drugs and calling you names. After you have cleaned up the house and made dinner.

I am now way past co-dependancy, and have learned unconditional love without bringing co-denpancy in it. Except for pushing people away who reject me, and people who are clinging and needy and do not help themselves I push away. I also do not like to get bored so I do not hold well in a gathering of sleepwalking people. I dont like to go out to dinner and hear people talking about movie stars. I do not watch tv unless I am somewhere where they have a TV.

And so I answered his email:
Don, I think I did tell you mostly people do bore me. If someone is not awake it is so hard for me to have enough patience to spend time with them. I have to learn patience with Pj folks now also, and how not to be afraid of lost time, as that is mostly the reason I wont do things with them is wasted time.

I say that I have all the time in the world I need now. I get more done when I have that attitude and I am more accepting of people that bore me. I have no more needs to just push people away. I think that what C. saw in me was fear. People I loved, really loved were taken from me more than even 2 times. Diana

And later on that is what I do with this next relationship I will speak of soon. A major player I was already in love with but he was busy being a major player himself and his computer was broken. I loved, in the way that 2 warriors can love each other, and in a romantic way. The best ever as I will call it twenty years in twenty hours. The poem I wrote about our last time together. He had some NWO criminals following him in 4D I would soon learn another part of being a true etheric warrior. Just like being a spiritual warfare warrior. The work is really in 4D.

For some reason MIB had an apartment there. They dressed alike and drove the same car it seemed. I knew there were different ones but I think others thought they were the same man. Once I followed someone who was following while blasting them. I met a man who was following me on the way to the library. In the parking lot front end of my camry I parked so that his parking place would be right in front of me. The front end to his jeep and my car were face to face. He did not see it coming as the place was packed and someone pulled out where he parked so it was my plan to meet him face to face and he took the bait. I just sat looking and blasting. And he motioned for me to get out, pointing toward the library door. I shook my head no and kept blasting with all I had. He started slamming his fists on his steering wheel and got out of the car running even leaving his door open. I lost him. I moved closer to the library door, did my return of books,and he was gone when I got out. I do not know where he ran to. I came back and gifted that whole area one day. As I heard children crying across the railroad tracks there. What do you think? Did he not have a heart chakra? Why did a man twice my size fear my blasting love to him. I was thinking now dont touch that hot stove as you might get burned. I was blasting with love as I was taught.
Our next correspondence went like this. He had backed me down. I was starting to accept blame where I should not have.
I appreciate your advice. I know your not judging me persay. Guess I had a lot of New age trash thinking installed along the lines.
I am out of here august 20. So if your trip is before then over here, I want to help.
You know I went out with dolphins again. I went to a place that had a staircase not finished so looking down there was no way to get there as the steps were undone. Then I drew a card in a new deck of cards I have. after asking angels for guidance and the card was an unfinished staircase, just like in the vision. The meaning of the card was Life is a dialect. So I have to figure out why dolphins, and angels both told me life is a dialect.
I dont love any of those fake government beings or the tyranny. I was trying to understand because of what I have learned from the boards why we have to blast with love. You know like spanking a child in correction. Have I been taught wrong? It has to be love, coming from the heart chakra, right. But you add aggression to it. Id rather hate them, but it doesnt work. cause thats not the right kind of effective energy.

My mother did not like me as a child. I mostly did not tell her when I saw spirits of ancestors or other things or my relationship with nature. The more I kept it to myself the better off I was. As she would get angry and smack me or spend the day yelling "Just wait till your father gets home", then he would have to spank me only he would just tell me to cry and really not spank me but pretend to.
I understand there is so much new age in everything. I understand now how illuminati fools people in many ways. You think you get out of it then they come in a different form. Believe it or not. I have my own religion. If you even want to call it religion and its totally a unique blend made just for me. My angels are not new age. They are my helpers. When I was a kid I saw ghosts a lot. Opening the third eye isnt new age either. Not to me anyway. Cause its the pineal gland working. Its a computer part of yourself. When your brain develops then the pineal gland starts working for you. Thats not a religion.
Oh well, I dont want to confuse you. As always, thanks for the advice. I respect your advice.
Oh yeah, one more thing. Did I tell you that I was looking up something in Oregon and ran into a board Jeffe in oregon started and the old atm from WM was on there trying to discredit you. Cause you said he was an agent. I thought he was to. .. back then.
For being dyslexic you do pretty good with all the emails you have to forge through with all the warriors.

Another reply:

Diana,C's mom was the same way yours was--maybe worse. I don't knowif psychic gals mostly have that in common. Dorothy West, the old Druid Iworked with before I got with C., was from extremely dysfunctional,drunk parents and her two grandmothers raised and trained her from age 14;one was a Seneca medicine woman and the other a Welsh druid of the Doranorder. I gather that some of the NE Indian tribes kept their connectionswith the Celts alive from before Moses' time. There are hidden levels ofgood hierarchies among indigenous people, worldwide, who recognize eachother when they travel. I learned that from Dorothy. What we're all doingnow is new, though: destroying tyranny through etheric warfare.Many or most of us have hidden portions of our lives, lost to Monarchprogramming. I doubt it's necessary to relive the horror and trauma ofour trauma-based programming but I think it's absolutely necessary to stop letting that programming control us. You're getting past it just fine,even though you haven't outwardly acknowledged its existence. It takessome time, no matter how determined we are.You may want to read the book before you start giving it to PJ folks. Idoubt PJ folks will appreciate it, though they can easily read my journalreports as 'science fiction.' We have enough enemies already withoutlighting PJ folks' fuses, I think. To me, they're potentially moredangerous than the predators we're taking down because the PJ folks haveno foundation in genuine faith and so are prone to destructive mobmentality.It's no accident that they're that way. PJ folks are found mainly in theWest and industrialized Asia, by the way. Just about everyone else in theworld believes in something ;-)~D
This one is the end of July.

Another happening. I guess you collect things like this. so you can say. "It happens to us all."
Today I was respectfully obeying all traffic laws. I did not make any stops and goes at a red light like I do so often, (like C, respectful red light runs). I cant help that, it became a habit. Anyway, I had myself timed in traffic to hit every green. Out of no where came this car that acutually went out of its way to run into me!
I avoided it. Way was clear. It was my green light. so, he saw I avoided hitting him so he swerved into me then he must have lost control as he ran into a lightpost. Well, as I said I was oberying all rules. I had a seatbelt on even. My front end is just hanging there though. Oh poor old camry. I left the huge crystal under the drivers seat so it wont be lonely while in the shop. Anyway, this guy tells everyone I ran a red light. He did his best to back me down to confess. I said of course I did not run a red light. You hit me on purpose. now he was fuming. Hes on the phone, calling buddies. So I just go back to my car. I said well, you look ok so Ill be on my way.
I call my agent. Im so thiankful they are kind people. When the cop came I boosted the situation. He listened to us both then retired for a long time. Then he came out and said well, I cant see anyone at fault here, so you all take care of your own cars. Then while the cop was talking to us some lady was taking pics of my car. walked up to me taking pics of me. I said you can stop that now. she took another pic of me with my hand in her face. Id like to see that one. I said, I said, you can stop that now! Now where did she come from? So these people are trouble. You can post this and we can blast these people for trying to run me down and keep me out of working order. He mentioned to the cop. My risk manager is here. His name is
Bryan Keith Forsythe, from Englewood florida.(and I almost moved there), Not anymore.I will add that town to my list now.
Now maybe Im paranoid. Maybe he is a good guy. Maybe he is dressed like a doctor to run into me for some innocent reason. If so, I bed the universe to forgive me.
But alas, my angels did fast work. I was on my way to make a couple dozens of tbs when this happened. So, instead of going home to rest this event off. I got the car to the repair place. He said nope, cant drive it, I let the rental pick me up. I waited another hour for each of these steps. I got a brand new. with 6 miles on it. Im not gonna say, but its nice. I can have it for a month. I could come back and visit but since C is leaving I guess Ill go on to Naples to visit a friend.

I could ask C to check but the people taking pictures were most likely implanting you. Whenever something of this sort happens we push back. Gift with all you've got.~D

Thanks for that advice D,So, Im off to make more than my usual, couple of dozen, how about couple of hundreds of dozens. Im in a car that no one knows me by. Its new. air co. I am going to cover bonita springs, ft myers, and punta gorda. I have only got the north of the peace so the south of Peace I am finding out is more aggressive towards me coming across the bridge. Well, Im not backing down south of the peace. Your on notice. Just lay it all down and give up your nasty dor ways. Your time is short.

Anyone want to ride along? And then if I feel like pulling out the discover card. On discover I will cover Labelle, and clewiston and the rest of bell glades. And visit the Lions. First I need to know. Are these areas already covered? Is there somewhere more important? And Id like it if someone came along. I know there are people in florida who want to.

Is that enough loving aggression? Is that what you mean? Im taking a not so good, expensive situation, and a headache. I still have a headache. And Im going to work 10 times harder cause Ive got a new car to cruise in for 2 weeks, maybe 3 or 4.

I expect though, if they think I, the one who let them back me into my home in Indy when 3 helicopters were coralling me on more than one occasion there will back down, NOT anymore. Not here. If I will be a warrior of this magnitude, I hope I get some boostng for a few weeks.
Nothing is getting me down,Just name the florida town,Ill be there in a hurry.You think you can run into me and send me on my way back home.I dont thnk so, Ill be driving in my new throne.

OK, I know its goofy, but Im trying to figure out what you mean by more aggressive, with what time I have left to do this. It was time to go back to work but Im gonna take this experience as I need more time in the field first.
Let me know if any floridians want to ride along and have a fav place in mind.



I went out to get a massage and next door was a new resteraunt so I went in and got a big glass of tea. Florida is really hot. I sat next to a group of homeland security. I remembered how you talked about them not liking you. I blasted them and they were grabbing their necks and twising around and scratching their backs. I get on them. I then told one to shit his pants. Im sorry I did that but as it was one of them got up and ran to the bathroom. I continued to blast and then another got on a cell phone so they left when he came back and what did I feel like doing? I got up and followed them blasting them all the way to the marked state cars they were in and stood there blasting them for awhile as the pulled away. I thought after I did that. Wow. I am learning this war like you do it after all.


I had a hard time even accepting it as a war as I thought it was more like Indians reclaiming land. I even wrote him the poem about its all about taking back the land. But also it was revenge for my sisters death.

-----Original Message-----From: dTo:" Sent: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 7:42 AMDiana,
Great job on those Homeland Security Abominations, by the way!They know most of our thoughts, what we tell others and where we are in agiven moment, Diana, but when our name appears in public in a standagainst them they feel threatened, so they intimidate us in an effort toget us to withdraw our names from the public record.They know better than most of us do that it's a numbers game. It reallyis like Arlo Guthrie says, in fact, and it only takes a few effectivce people, standing together publicly, to bring down tyranny.. It's always been that way and always will. The vast, vast majority of people are andwill be Pajama People, content to go along with whatever happens, evencontent to sacrifice their own children to foreign managed wars.~Don

There you go I thought. He said a few people standing together publicly. And many times he told me how most people do this alone and should not feel they need someone else to blast or boost or gift with. I had a hard time with believing he really meant that I should continue to this alone but I did as he kept telling me to do. Learn to trust myself to do this all by myself. I developed the name. The lone warrior for myself, because of his persistance of getting me to learn independance.

Another fun warrior awakening.

I made tbs on the balcony of the condo. I had gotten a letter with no odors as one of the tenant rules. Well no one was around as every condo by me was empty. There was a pond with wildlife behind me. It was very nice. I did not keep a cover on my windows. So I could see the water right at my second story window and the waves of it were like a little ocean to me. Then a black helicopter did the circle dance about 3 times and I thought it wont come close as the trees and the water but it came all the way to my window but had gone by way of guard shack then snuck around so I thought it had moved on and I was on my puter. It snuck up to me and I could see in my mirror the cockpit, the people in the cockpit before I saw it and it was just hanging there. So close to the side of the condo with its wings just barely over the third story empty condo and I was frightened. Did not move. I wanted to get under the bed.


A black helicopter did a circle then came up from behind me so I could see the cockpit in my mirror and I just frooze. Sitting there in my bed watching it. At least I did not jump under the bed like I wanted to. That was to spooky for me. Of course I did finally break out a blast but a little to late.


@aim.comSent: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 8:57 AMSubject: Re:

Diana, they knew you were terrified, which is why they didn't leave. Nexttime, Be terrified and go out on your balcony and shoot something atthem--anything, even spitwads from a rubber band. Laugh, too. Sure, you're welcome to come over here to make orgonite but why not just do it on a picnic table in a park? That's what we do when we're on the road. I spread a big plastic tablecloth and get busy. Cops never bothered me. C. will be gone in a few days. If you want to talk to our landlady about moving in here I can get you her phone number. I don't know if we'll get the rest of the coast done but we sure do need to go nail that offshore HAARP tower that's generating that constant storm north of Key West. We might do it from there, since it's theclosest point (38 miles).


I was feeling good again that I survived all that and went on as usual and even made tbs at a park. I got visits from the rangers. I through everything in the trash and started picking up trash on the tennis courts and told them I am doing your job. So the rangers left and I got my tbs out and left. I did that once again and the visit was really close next time. I had my tbs in the car by the time they pulled in. This time they went straight for the trash cans. And did get some empty resin cans to pic up. I always add a crystal and some metal at the bottom of the empty cans for the dump.

My next email.


Dont forget when you come back this way I have an extra room all stocked for a visitor here.



We destroyed the identical constant HAARP storm north of Grand BahamaIsland yesterday by laying orgonite all through that area from the boat.It was a loooooong day, including several hours of Coast Guard/CIAmolestation on the return trip and a mini-incarceration when we got back;-When we go do these risky sorties (like the one farther north from you)it's quite a scramble and the feds are usually chasing us. We rest whenwe get home but thanks for offering!It's just time to go, Diana. We came here to get something done and we'vedone it. The funny part is that we didn't know what it was going to beuntil HAARPicane Wilma was at the door ;-)It's good for us to be gone when 'the worst' of the HAARPicane seasonarrives, so that our work can stand or fall on its own merits.~Don

I was feeling we had a good mentor/student relationship going now. I didn't call him mentor though. He may have gotten offended. He did not like it when I said meeting you and C on July forth was like meeting family. I found you were a lot like me.

After this last email I came to an understanding that my faith was based in my heart. And from then on I studied everything from my hearts view. I even did an exercise program where I was making new connections from my brain to my heart. These new connections turned out to be useful as now I am learning how to re-write my life in a positive way.

July 2006 is now over. The first month that I met my mentor in person and we had just a few tensions over my tunning forks and new age programming that he thought I had. I thought he was more right then more than I knew at the time. Even now I read this as if I am reading it for the first time. I was still in mind control that I let go of with his help. I would then be mind controlled again in November and get out of with his help, and then I entered another mind control program of radionics and this time it was by his suggestion and I was against it. But coming out of that the second time around with it, I am totally free. What they did backfired. I know it backfired because of the boosting, blasting, and worship services and hours of praying I have been doing. I know that I am coming out of it intact. I have learned so many lessons that will stick with me for the rest of my life from him.

I am now re-writing my life because I think that we no longer have to go through such torture in order to achieve what we want most in ourlives. You can see my show on youtube "In the akashic" And the show in the etheric you get a glimpse of me boosting. There I am DianaCMcC there.

I did realize I was really thankful D told me who that "I am" group was. I had not been reading posts, like I said, because I was studying Naturopathy and Holistic Nutrition. So I did not read any of that information and just did what he told me to do to learn the ropes of gifting. He found out I had no succor punch, or zapper, and did not know why black helicopters were around me. I also met my first alien NSA that was a waxy looking fellow who tagged me after my first big stealth tower was busted. I buried them there so I no doubt was on camera. I even had a glimpse of sight. I saw look out for this jeep. It caught me as I was at a stop light and as it turned it keep the thing pointed at me. That was late 2004, or early 2005.

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