Sunday, August 5, 2007

B. WM Sensei replies to a quitter and what Don had to say in the early days about Sensei

Justin, You make some points that need to be said. Thank you. I will deactivate your membership as you ask. But I ask you to reconsider. Here is why. .The front door of this site is open to the public. Enlightened self moderation by the members is it's only chance of continuing to do an excellent job of dissiminating ACCURATE information on orgonite, it's proper construction and use. . WM gets 1000 plus separate visitors a day. This number will be 4,000 within the next year. . For every lowlife weasel that joins ...25 good hearted types have questions on where to get metal and how to get uncured resin out of the cat's fur and how to unstick him from the kitchen table leg. .Disinfo campaigns, Like Jeff Gannon's"Review" , the Shyster's,Fast Buck Artists,The Devious, the Demented, the Deluded, These are as much a part of the future of orgonite as the wonderful worldwide network of selfless souls doing the work. .And Justin we need your help. You have a level headed , and experienced view. I would ask you to continue to share your outlook. There are many who will benefit from that in the future. .As orgonite is empowering to the individual, those who wish to control him, will and do see this board as a threat. Attacks of every type are launched against this board and some of it's members. We highlight these publiclly and ALL learn from them.Like my old Sensei used to grumble.."Another damn opportunity to grow". .In fairness to address those who have emailed me with concerns over Don's posts about some members here. This is what goes on behind the scenes usually. I am glad to see this in the open as there are many lessons here, even though this is often less than pleasant....But... .This Is How We Grow ! Unsightly, frustrating and aggrivating as it is, the more discriminating the individual board members become, the better we will be preparred for what is going to be an amazing future. .The mentally healthy nature of WarriorMatrix comes from the character of its members, and their ability to recognise threats to it's wellbeing. This ability does not come from an email or post, but from considered attention and practice. There is no user's manual for what we are doing and mistakes and clumsiness are well tolerated for the valuable lessons they teach. Sensei

Id like to finish this with what Don had to say about Sensei in the earlier days. This is how he felt then when I came into the orgone gifting scene. You can find this in the post called Battling the Vril on educate from 2004. Don did send me to WM to get blast chat experience.

Here is the post:

Sensei Dennie apparently had a ball in M. D's dooryard in West Yorkshire during the 'chat' yesterday, and he's got a particular talent for showing up, somewhat more than just astrally, in the midst of assembled predators and doing that 'Kill Vril' thing that only a genuine swordmaster can pull off. I can't wait to read his account! Maybe Mark had to hose a lot of blood off his driveway ;-) Dennie is in charge of the martial arts department at The Citadel, which is America's premier military prep school. In January, he had conceived an orgonite weapon after having spent a month learning more stuff from a Chinese swordmaster, including some advanced meditation techniques. Dennie tried the new etheric weapon out at the headwaters of the Nile in February and apparently our witch doctor associate there, Kizira, was so inspired by Sensei's success that by April he, too, was kicking reptile butt in Africa and taking names. I think he's the first African shaman to stand up to these old voodoo predators and it may indicate the start of a trend there.

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