Sunday, August 5, 2007

B Don talking to lead salad jeff about warrior matrix

This thread sure is getting long. Jeff McKinley precisely summed up the reasons why I left the orgonite movement as a newbie in early '03. I believed in the material ZSL and the other disinfo artists were spreading on the old cloudbusters forum, as well as people like Don and DB. Infact, I held them all in equal standing. I've since learned to tell them apart, thank god. moonreaderman, why do you use disinfo tactics similar to ZSL? They're not that hard to spot. Justin, you only got all defensive, due to my comments, because your belief in mono atomic gold is shaky. If you truely knew that it worked, our negative sounding comments would roll right off your back. Instead, you took on the roll of the victim and now want to leave the movement. Hmm... Lower, reactive mind. Victim mentallity. I had enough power over you, while completely unintentional, to make you angry. That's a scary thought. I suppose if I were so inclined, I could study techniques for pissing people off and then feed on their negative emotions. Oh wait, that's what THEY do. Here is something for the newbies to think about; it's just idle speculation, so don't take it personally. If ingesting mono atomic gold causes a person to behave either like moonreaderman or Justin, or will actually damage DNA according to Ken Adachi, and is touted by known GWB baddies as the greatest thing since sliced manna, oops, I mean bread, why would you want to have anything to do with it? This forum has plenty of information for how to spot disinfo artists. There should be enough info here in various threads to keep newbies from falling away as I did. Don't let a few bad apples ruin your orgonite experience like it ruined mine. A little bit of prepping and a little more diligence on the part of the orgonite movement would have helped me considerably. The perfect storm Katrina brought me back. I gifted my first masonic lodge Saturday evening.

All the Bs need to be read to understand how Don felt about those on WM. He sent me there to be in the boost chat after having Lilly check me ehterically to see if I could do the job. Lilly and I did some good work together for a week. I was able to prove I can boost, blast. It wasnt that much different them being the spiritual warrior.

So get to know. Sensei from WM, Jeff Mckinley and how Don relates to them back then.

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