Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I skipping to april 2007 My life cell analysis, . will go back and finish 2006 end of year later

Heres my life cell analysis if your interested.
everyone should have a live cell analysis. Call your health food store to find out where they are done in your area

I had No yeast. The med tech said everyone that day had yeast except me.


Yes, It showed I had fungus but level 3, not as bad as others. In 5 years only 4 people in all the state of florida had no fungus on red blood cells. Looks like the mycoplasma that you see,made me queasy to look at it. So I had bought Paul Darco already while cruising the isle feeling out what I needed week before but had not started drinking it and it is good for fungus so I was attracted to the remedy and Ill make oregono oil as well and drink ozone water.

If you got this from the 90s chems it hangs onto your blood cells and even the terminator zapper doesn't kill it. Thats how it takes oxygen from internal organs. Of course the zapper helps but more has to be done. This causes fibromyalgia.

Ill also get cats claw since I have that fungus and if I get it down or gone i wont feel like I have been. You know in 99 we cultured a car.It dead blood cells with mycoplasma on it. chem trails of 97-99 had mycoplasma in them. the cause of fibromyalgia, the fungus eats the red blood cells and when it coats them you lack oxygen thus all organs suffer. this I learned in naturopathic college. also the heart is affected by this as it will scar the tissue.

1 parasite out of 1 million red blood cells. I didnt like how it looked. It was length wise through the whole cell but she says Im the lowest of all the people she did over these last 2 days in ft myers. I got black walnut for that. Working in a hospital that is good. zapper has kept them gone or almost.

I had no abnormal red blood cells, no leukemia, no premature, no excess. no iron deficiency.

but I did eat liver. Made myself cause I was tired. I know holistic MDs will make up a holistic IM injection of iron that your body absorbs. I did this in 2004 an it was helpful.

I mean my red blood cells are perfect. beautiful, except for the ones feeding the fungus. and the ones with that mycoplasma get the oxygen sucked out of them are eaten and it goes to hook onto the next. That is where chronic fatigue symptoms set in.

I had no virus thats the zapper. most everyone had some virus she said.

I had to many free radicals. ____the stress___ but the stress is over for 6 weeks. Also I was going to become diabetic but did not know it yet them. The stress of the kidneys, the implant shot made my spleen so swollen circulation to pancreas was sluggish for a very long time. I was showing lots of kidney stress awhile before I became a diabetic.

Ill do more antioxidants and eat cherries. The next one a year later showed more free radicals.

This is a year later I got a free session to be entered in and diagnosed with the SCIO. I gave my love running bowl to them to send me frequencies I needed with the SCIO
The SCIO EFX is another name for it. The machine said I had biological warfare weapon in my blood stream. Thats the machine they made for the astronauts so they could diagnose them while in space. Once entered it can find your subspace anywhere and see what is wrong with you. It also showed that I did have a genetic disruption in connection tissue. Most likely Im guessing that is the damage from whatever bio caused the fibromyalgia. The exploding implant that was shot in my neck.

uric acid level 3, enough to cause arthritis.

time for MISO and seaweed is what I thought. Im not good at surviving on this but it will help arthritis.

no broken udigested plaque

Then A two years later in 2009 I did have a couple of big yeast cells that my phagocytic white blood cells could manage to eat. I had to do a fungal and sugar cleanse. I had become diabetic so the sugar and yeast were making the clumps that cause lack of circulation. Just in one finger prick there were 2.

this means I have the right blend of oils. and the zapper. and she says Im the only one with no broken pieces of plaque in my blood for this weekend.

to many kidney toxins,

they are not nice looking. I drink a gallon of water a day also.

genes, hypertension and high blood sugar, hopefully we can fix this with the addition of the prov it

maybe this is left over from the poisons in Sarasota.

heart arrhythmia and murmur

blood oxygen only 94. at 88 you get severe confusion. it should be 99 or 100 so its the fungus and air quality

need to get back on oxygen and silver

pH good 7.25 that mouth pH,

has to be zapper cause I had coffee with cream before going. I expected to be acid.

1 bacteria and it was not a rod. just one lonely cocci, and even that
could be from cuts. I have a lot of blood sugar testing cuts.

A white blood cell was close though and moving.
So my white cells are good, and good looking. best level of anyone for the weekend. definitely zapper. to only have one little bacteria and no chains or pairs.

I think this email came when I was real sick from the exploding implant

I'll send you boosts whenever I think of you, Diana. thx for the headsup.
We use the vitalizer to quickly heal the physical wounds caused by remote
attackers and it seems to disengage them by mending the etheric field in
that spot. It's a great tool and has a lot of other uses, of course, but
we haven't explored that much.
I don't really have a way to post pics, so you can probably save yourself
some trouble by not sending them to me. Someday I'll learn FTP. I'm
blocked from using all the online photo albums, otherwise I'd have been
posting pics years ago.

time is up. Ill explain what the headsup was next time I have time to write.

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